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Chapter 5 Lose Control

  • Eric's POV.
  • "Angela, don't cry! " I said to her in a gentle tone.
  • "Then, Why are you leaving me like this on our first night! " she asked in an upset tone.
  • I tried to convince her "No, it's not like that! I just remembered some work! "
  • "Are you telling me the truth? You again started behaving differently. Again you started avoiding me just like you did every time. You are always busy with your work when I'm waiting for you to meet just one time. And today at our wedding night you also wanted to leave me alone. At first, you didn't kiss me on my lips and now you are leaving me alone for your work. Did you remember your promise or not, I don't know..!! But I clearly remember that you always told me that our first kiss will be on our wedding day and that's why you never touched me before. But now still at the last moment, you break it. Even after that I just thought, you were nervous to kiss me in front of everyone so I didn't think too much but now what !!? you come just for a second and now want to leave me alone on our first night. Did you know how much pain I feel right now? Did you understand my feelings a little bit! Erish? Did you understand how heartbroken I feel when you treat me just like this? When you avoid me and my touch. We have both knew each other for 14 years but now I feel, I don't know you at all. So, now how should I react or what should I do ?? Tell me Erish!!! " She said everything frustratingly and raised her voice.
  • There is suffocation in her voice and confusion in her eyes. She looked at me with her painful eyes which wanted to ask me what she did wrong so that I'm treating her like this!
  • Seeing her cold gaze at me like this I feel a sharp pain in my heart. I don't know what happened between her and Erish but for now, she is sad because of me. The way I treat her today. This is her wedding day and it should be special for her but I destroyed everything with my rejection towards her. I really don't know that she is thinking like this every time and hiding so much pain deep inside her. And now she finally could not hold back anymore after what I said and she says everything which she tries to escape from me. Seeing her sad and depressed face, I feel guilty towards her. I just felt like a criminal to treat her like this while it is not her fault. I started to blame myself in my heart and my thoughts became a mess.
  • But when I tried to gather my courage she suddenly raised her voice and said in a worried and shaken tone " Erish, did you love me anymore? "
  • Hearing her question my eyes widened with shock and I saw her face which is now turning pale. There is fear in her eyes which I can see clearly. She's passionately waiting for my answer but her body is trembling terribly. I felt so awkward right now that I don't know what to say to her but my silence made her more anxious. Seeing her anxiety I bit my lower lip frustratingly and sighed in my heart.
  • After taking a long breath I said calmly, holding her hand and looking at her lovely eyes with determination at the same time " Angela, I'm sorry for making you wait. I'm sorry for my rude behavior towards you but please don't say that I don't love you because you already know that I love you more than anything else. I don't even think about living without you any second. Angela, I can give up myself for you. So don't think like this anymore. My love for you never vanished in this life. My heart always belongs to you. You are the only thing I want in this life. And now you are mine, only mine! Please trust me and my words! Please trust your husband! Angela! Will you? ! " I said everything from the bottom of my heart which I could not say as Eric but I can say as Erish.
  • I don't feel irritated at all even though she thinks of me as Erish because now I have a chance to express my all love for her, the feelings that I held in my heart for many years. Her eyes became warm and gentle hearing my words and then she smiled gently holding her tears. She hugged me tightly and said emotionally " Erish, I love you so much! Please don't leave me! "
  • Hearing these words, my heart skipped a beat and I just smiled slightly and said in an excited tone hugging her " l love you too, Angela!! I love you too!! Please always be mine! " At this moment I forgot who I am! I just remembered that she is in my arms and I want to claim her as mine. This is the magic she did to me that I just want to be selfish one time. I don't want to hold myself for this one night. I want to be her first man. I want to be her first kiss. I know I'm sounding selfish but my heart is overpowering my mind. And I just want to make a sin.
  • After thinking all this, I just said in my heart "Will you forgive me Angela when you know the truth? Can you accept me as Eric? Will you? " My heartfelt pain when I thought about those things but my heart still wants to have her in anyways.
  • In the next second, I leaned closer to her face. I see her lovely almond eyes who are just looking at me lovingly. Her cheeks become red with blushing hardly. Then I see her red cherry lips which are looking so plummy and it feels like her lips are inviting me to claim them fully.
  • There is only a few inches gap between our lips. From here I can smell her sweet breath and her sweet aroma from her body. I just took a long breath and inhaled all the fragrance inside me. Seeing my actions she blushed deeply. I just smiled slightly seeing her adorable reaction and then the next second occupied her whole lips. When our lips touch. I feel a different level of sensation in my body which I can not describe in words. Her lips feel to me like just a jelly which is so soft and so sweet. It made my cravings bigger and now I want to eat her fully.
  • Her lips are like alcohol for me, which are filling me with intoxication. Where my one hand started roaming all over her body freely, my other hand was holding her head to deepen our kiss. After continuously kissing her, finally, I entered the tip of my tongue inside her mouth and invaded her.
  • My sudden action made her excited and she moaned softly under my kiss. My tongue started circling around her mouth and she slowly opened her mouth wide for me. A few seconds later she started taking initiative and copying my moves, she entered the tip of the tongue inside my mouth and started rolling around my mouth. Just like I did. In this way, our tongues are clashing with each other and making a pleasurable noise.
  • From this point, I can see her red flushed face clearly which makes me more excited. Her beautiful red face now looks so seductive to me. It feels like she is as excited as me and now she wants me to claim her fully.
  • We both are kissing each other wildly and roughly. It feels like we both are madly in love with each other and now this is our night when we can fully occupy each other. On this night there are only two people who are hungrily wanting each other to become one. After thinking this, I make my moves seductively towards her neck and then suck that area of her. My sudden actions make her moan softly.
  • Hearing her moans I feel satisfied in my heart and my lips slightly curved. After that, I began to reach for her nightgown when suddenly someone knocked on the door and with the door's sounds I came back to reality. My whole thoughts and imagination vanished again. And The second moment, all my intoxication took off at once! It seemed that I was never drunk.
  • The next second, I immediately distanced myself from Angela and walked to open the door.