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Chapter 6 We Know The Truth

  • Eric's POV. 
  • When I opened the door, I found my mother standing in front of the door. I sighed in relief and thanked God in my heart that at the right moment my mother came. Otherwise, I do not know what I would have done!  How big a mistake could I make?  
  • After thinking about everything I ask my mom in a normal way "Mom what happened? " 
  • She nervously smiled and stood in front of me with worried eyes. 
  • Seeing her like this I again asked "Mom, is everything alright? " 
  • After hearing my words, she said in an upset tone " Son,  please come outside for a few minutes. I want to talk to you. " 
  • I nodded and went outside to the room. 
  • "Mom, tell me! What do you want to say? " I said in a calm voice.
  • She held my hand and said in a gentle tone "Eric, I know you love Angela! "
  • My eyes widened with shock and I took a  few steps forward.
  • "Mom, what are you saying!? " I said in a broken and hesitant voice.
  • "Yes, son! I know you love Angela ! " she said in a determined tone.
  • "No! This is not true!! " I said clenching my fist tightly and gritted my teeth in frustration and anger. I don't know from where she came to know about this. But one question came into my mind after hearing her. 
  • " Eric, don't lie to me! I'm your mother and I knew how much you loved her in all these years and for Angela and Erish happiness you went abroad. And never approached her ! " she said with a serious face. 
  • Hearing this I just raised my eyebrows and asked "So you and Dad already knew that I love Angela! " 
  • She said in a guilty tone "Yes! "
  • Hearing her I smiled bitterly in my heart, so everyone already knew about it and I thought accept me no one knows about my feelings towards Angela. I thought I'm the one who hid everything very well but no my parents already knew about it and they hid it from me very well. What a great story. 
  • I stared at her coldly and asked furiously " So that's why both of you (Mom and Dad) confidentially came to me with a proposal to marry Angela. Because you already knew that I will never say no to you and I can pretend to be Erish. With my love and emotions towards her, I will never make her doubt me or capture that I'm not Erish! " 
  • They want to make me a scapegoat for their big son..! Because they knew that I was already in love with her so I never made any moves towards her as Erish. I thought everything in my heart and my anger became deeper and deeper for them.
  • Are they my parents? How can they treat me like this? After learning how much I love Angela. They still told me to marry her and pretend to be the Other man.  Did they know how much it's hurting me? First I said yes because I can't see my parent's broken hearts and Dad built this company with all his hard work. The Brooks Group is the dream of my dad and there are many big and small shareholders who are jealous of him. If the news leaked about the Erish accident. Our enemies will try every way to get rid of Brooks' family. So that's why Dad and mom called me to come back and made a choice to block every news related to Erish to maintain his position and maintain company. As the second child of Brooks, I came back. 
  • But after I came back they told me that they didn't tell this news to the Brown family (Angela Family) because they don't want to make any mistakes.
  • And I foolishly accept their words. 
  • But what they did to me..? They only think about Erish and their business loss and what about me..? what about Angela??? Did they think about that or not..?!  My frustration gets bigger every second after making many thoughts in my mind. 
  • Seeing my angry appearance, she immediately tried to hold my hand and said with crying " No..! Don't get us wrong, Eric !!  Your father and I knew that you loved Angela from the beginning.  But we also knew that Erish and Angela had feelings towards each other, so we couldn't do anything for you at that time and when you wanted to leave the country for further study, we just accepted your request because we want you to move forward from these feelings. And you can start your new journey. We just wanted your happiness.! " 
  • "Please don't think that we don't love you! " She said with pleading eyes.
  • "But still now what, I'm the one who got hurt!  " I said in a scolding tone. 
  • " No son! Your father and I don't have any choice. And we thought that you and Angela are destined to be together! " she said in a gentle voice.
  • I laughed bitterly hearing her and said in a cold tone " Then what about Angela? You think about me! You think about Erish! But did you think about her? What would happen when she knew about the truth? When she comes to know that the one she married is not Erish but his twin brother, me!! . Will she forgets about our betrayal? And what will you say to Erish when he comes back..? What will you do then? Mom doesn't forget that she knows me and Erish from childhood. Do you think I can fool her? 
  • Hearing all the questions, she trembled slightly and her words stopped in a middle way. She fell silent. 
  • Seeing her silence, I lost my mind and clenched my fist tightly and shouted angrily " Mom! You married me, Angela, because I love her..!  Dad made me act like Erish because he wanted to protect his company..!  Did you two really think about the three of us..!! Or just think about your own sons..! how can you do this to her..? How can you both be so selfish? ! " 
  • Hearing my cold words, her eyes become red and tears roll down her cheeks uncontrollably. She started weeping and sobbing.  In between her sobbing, she said " I know what you are trying to say and I'm sorry to not think about your feelings at all. But trust your mom, we did this so all of you can be happy in the future..! "
  • "How can I be happy? When I know my brother and Angela love each other and I'm the one who became the third person in their relationship!!! "  I said in a husky voice. 
  • "No! you are not a third person! " she said in a gentle voice. 
  • "But this is the truth! A bitter truth! " I said in a scolding tone. 
  • "No,  no,  my son!  You are not! Because Erish didn't love Angela anymore! He fell in love with someone else! " 
  • Hearing this my all thoughts become blank..!! My ears didn't believe what they heard !! Is this true? Did he really didn't love her anymore? Then why did he want to marry her?