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Chapter 54 A Call For Joyce

  • Obed and his friends left the VR room and headed for the cafeteria. As they were going, the students were looking at Obed and murmuring. Obed smiled and looked at his friends as they arrived at the cafeteria. The group took their food and headed to the table. Joyce decided to separate herself from the group and head for a different table. Obed then noticed that Joyce was not following them to their table of preference and was going to a different table. "Something is not right", said Obed. Obed then placed his food on his table and approached Joyce. "Hey, is something wrong? It seems like you are not yourself", said Obed. Joyce then turned to Obed and answered, "Everything is fine". Joyce then turned away and left the cafeteria. Obed wasn't still happy with Joyce's mood and change. Obed then came to his table and Michael asked "Where's Joyce?". "She said she's gonna do something in the dormitory", replied Obed. "Anyway, let's eat", Obed commanded.
  • Meanwhile, Joyce just arrived at her dormitory and placed her food on her bed. "Obed's ability is improving", she said to herself. I wish to get his powers. But I don't know what to do to get his powers. Joyce started to weep like a child who was beaten by his/her mother. As she was weeping, a bright light showed in her room that Joyce couldn't see. Soon the bright light disappeared and there was someone who was dressed in black. "Who are you", said Joyce. The figure then came close to Joyce and Joyce saw her other-self. The figure then replied, " Don't worry Joyce, remember me, I'm your twin sister". Joyce then remembered that she had a twin sister. "What are you doing here? If any of my friends find out that you are here, they will see you as an enemy and kill you", said Joyce. "Already, we have an enemy we are trying to target", said Joyce's twin sister. Joyce was bamboozled by the statement her sister made. "And who's this enemy you are trying to target", said Joyce. Joyce's twin sister then smiled and replied, "Don't tell me you don't know my target. I'm here to kill the demon king". "Wait, do you mean Obed", said Joyce. Joyce's twin sister nodded her head in response and turned to Joyce and I need your help to kill him. "And why should I help you", said Joyce. Because we are part of the demons. Your ability is the same as Obed's ability but it's hidden so you cannot use it. Our King was your best friend's Uncle whom he killed. "So I had a demonic ability", said Joyce. Joyce's sister nodded her head and turned away her head. Joyce became angry and made the room a mess. "Calm down sister", said Joyce twin sister. Joyce calmed down and asked her sister a question. "So how can I use the ability", said Joyce. "The only way you can use the demonic ability is to either kill Obed or take part of his demonic ability", said Joyce's twin sister. "I'm afraid I can't do that. In that case, I would like you to leave my room now", said Joyce. "This isn't my command but it's from your mother", said Joyce's twin sister. Joyce was shocked by the response her sister gave. "You mean mum sent you", said Joyce. "Yes, it's a call", replied her sister. "Now you need to come with me so that we visit your mother immediately", said her sister. Joyce was in a state of shock and disbelief. "After all these years I trusted you(Obed). But you decided to kill one of our own", said Joyce. Joyce then took out a picture of Obed from her bag. "This time, I'll show no mercy. I'm going to kill you and take back what's rightfully ours, the demonic ability and that's the last time I'll do", she continued. Her sister then smiled and thought to herself, "now that's the spirit". Anyway, let's go because your mother is waiting for you. Joyce then agreed and her sister opened a portal as a passageway for their exit. Joyce's sister lead the way and Joyce looked around her and finally entered the portal and it closed.
  • After a while, Florence was on her way to the dormitory to see what Joyce was up to. As soon as Florence entered the room and saw that the room was messy. Also, she noticed that the windows were broken. "Does that mean Joyce was kidnapped", Florence said to herself and gasped. Florence immediately left the dormitory and went to the cafeteria to where Obed was. "Guys, I have bad news, Joyce is kidnapped", said Florence.
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