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Chapter 4 A New School

  • Obed and Joyce didn't know what happened because they have been kidnapped by a young boy and girl. Obed and Joyce faces were covered in a transparent bag so that they can be able to have at least some air to breathe. After 3 hours of driving, they reached their destination. The two young people got off the van and opened the back boot of the van. Obed and Joyce were removed from the van and sent to a room. As soon as they were sent to the room, they were unmasked by the young people and there stood the young people and three teachers. The teachers now ordered the two people's who kidnapped to leave the room and left with their response, Yes Sir. The teachers saw Obed and Joyce and apologized for the kidnapping and said to them that this wasn't a kidnapping.
  • It's like we've entered a new school I suppose, Joyce said to Obed. Obed was furious and since he entered the school not because his system had not spoken since the kidnapping but was furious by how the young boy grabbed him by the shirt because putting him in the Van. The teachers that were standing before Obed and Joyce were the teachers of the school who were two males and a female.
  • The woman who was five feet tall and fair in complexion said to Obed and Joyce, Welcome to Panster school school. My name is Pearl and I'm the Principal of this Nobel institution. The man next to me is Nate. Nate was dark and a little bit taller than Pearl. The man also next to Nate was Ben. He was the shortest. The system broke it's silence and told Obed that all the teachers here has an ability and that this school was hear to train students with ability to fight the aliens including your best friend Joyce. Obed could hardly believe his ears when he heard his system telling him Joyce has an ability. But before Obed was about to question Joyce about her ability, Pearl had asked Nate to show Obed and Joyce around the school and the dos and don't of the school.