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Chapter 2 New Ability

  • Obed had been on the ground for 30 minutes after the book soul entered his body. After a few minutes, Obed rose up to his feet and begun to talk to himself, What the hell happened? After saying that to himself, the system which was now in Obed's body begun to speak to him. I'm in you now, said the system. Now for your first achievement
  • Gained knowledge about the book, 1 exp
  • Level 1 user.
  • Obed was shocked to see his system telling him about this achievement. After a while, the system also told Obed that he had a new ability.
  • Ability, said Obed. What kind of ability do I have then. Just as Obed finished his sentence, his whole body started to melt as if he was an ice cube which had been put in the sun. Obed started shouting to the system to ask him what is happening but the system didn't mind Obed. Two minutes later, Obed had melted and was now a liquid and could move under doors and also hid himself. Obed was shocked to see himself turn into a liquid and could move.
  • Five minutes later, Obed now transformed back to his human nature and then the system told him
  • New Ability Liquid Human Ability
  • Now for the fun part, Obed had to learn how to use the ability. The system showed Obed how to use the ability and when to use it. A grin on Obed's face started to appear because he couldn't wait to go back to school and use it on his bullies and classmates.
  • It was getting late and the system could see that Obed was tired. Eventually the system asked Obed to go bed because tomorrow will be a good day for him. Obed then smiled and went to his bedroom and jumped onto his bed and slept peacefully that night.