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Chapter 35 Obed and Barns

  • After the kissing, the crew decided to go and get some air so they decide to sit outside. Florence placed her head on Obed's shoulder as they were going out. Soon, they found a perfect spot to rest. They all laid on the grass and looked at the stars. The stars are many m, said Linda. Yeah, as many as the students and aliens combined, said Obed. Then, a shooting star came to pass by. A shooting star make a wish, said Michael. I wish to the best student in the school, said Chris. I wish to get more ability, said Michael, Florence and Joyce. I wish that we kill the demon king and kill the aliens to prevent the human race from loosing again. That's a good wish Obed, well done, said Michael. As they were looking at the stats for long, Linda and Florence yawned and Obed could see that the girls were feeling sleepy. Obed then ordered his crew to return to their dormitories because tomorrow he would be heading for the VR room. The reason why Obed wanted to go to the VR room was because he wanted to try out the demonjc power. Obed and his crew got up from the grass and they all headed to their dormitories. As they where reaching the dormitories, Linda, Florence and Joyce sent a goodnight message to Chris, Michael and Obed. As soon as Obed entered his room, he removed his clothes and was left with his pants and he went to sleep.
  • The next day, Obed woke up late because today is Saturday. Obed begun to put on some clothes. Obed checked to see whether Wood had arrived from his prom. When he checked the top corner, he could see Wood snoring heavily. At what time did this creature arrive, thought Obed. As Obed left the dormitory and headed for the VR room. When he arrived, the first years and second years were watching a match between a first year student and a third year student. In the end, the third year student. Obed stepped into the arena and told the third year student, I'll like to face you. What shows you can defeat me in the match, said the students. The other third years who was supporting the other third started to laugh at Obed. Obed entered his name and password and access was granted to him. Obed selected the location of the fight and the fight was about to win. May the best fighter win, said Obed. I'll defeat you so there is no best fighter win over here. 3,2,1 fight, said the machine. The third year student attacked first. He used one of his weapons to to pierce Obed. Obed life now reduced to half. Obed also activated his liquid ability and punched the third year student. The third year students life was reducing drastically. Obed then deactivated his liquid ability. When he deactivated it, the third year student punched Obed and his life reduced to 25%. Obed started to smile then his system spoke to Obed, it's time. This time, the system started to control Obed's movements whiles playing the game. Obed's eyes started to turn electric and then the place became dark. After he rose, Obed then activated his demon power then his whole body was now black. Obed combined the electric ability and the demon power together and threw it at the third year. When it touched the third year, it electrocuted him and at the same time he started to kill himself. After some minutes, the third year student died and the system said, and the winner is Life Sucker. What kind of ability is that, said the third year student. The third year students were shocked to see a first year student who is a level 2 user defeating a third year students. The first year student were even aghast and bamboozled. They couldn't believe what ability Life Sucker showed right now. Nice match, said the third year student. Anyway, my name is barns. The name is Obed. Is a pleasure to meet you, said Barns. Anytime, said Obed.
  • Soon, Obed begun to leave the VR room and he heard a voice, hey Life Sucker. How about a match before you leave the game room or we can make it tomorrow. Then Obed received a message from his system.
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