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Chapter 10 A Weird Dream

  • The next morning was a peaceful day for Obed. He went to the canteen to enjoy the food and headed for class. Pearl was in their class again to continue about the types of aliens. Obed wasn't particularly paying attention to Pearl's teaching but thinking about his rewards especially the new additions to his system; the charm and the inspection skills. After 3-4 hours of learning, the siren rang for break time. Obed quickly dashed out of class and headed for the training room to check out his skill and charm. From Obed's class to the training room wasn't that far and so he decided to walk slowly. When he headed for the training room Florence decided to tiptoe to see what Obed was up to. Obed then checked out his system to check the charm. The system read;
  • The charm is most expensive and must use it wisely. For every fight you do as your exp and strength increases, the charm also increases until it reaches a maximum level and could cause a devastating blow to your opponent but use it wisely. As Obed read this, he began to smile. He then checked out the inspection skills and it read;
  • The inspection skills helps you to inspect every user ability, alien, plants and so on.
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