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Chapter 35

  • Sheheryar's POV:
  • "I apologize if you were troubled because of me and I also apologize for being selfish." Fiza said coming out of the bedroom where kids were sleeping.
  • "Ji? (What?)"
  • "What do you mean?"
  • "This setup was done to keep the secret of Ehtesham's wedding news from me, and you got involved in it too. I knew it from the start but played along because I wanted to spend some time with kids." She kept her gaze lower.
  • "...Do you have to be so smart?" She gave a sad smile but remained silent. I take a long breath to school myself. It always happens, since the day I came to know that she was aware of Ehtesham's cheating. I don't understand how can she endure everything without throwing a tantrum. How deep her heart was, which hides everything in it and don't let anyone see it.
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