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Chapter 2

  • I didn't know how long I have been sleeping, but I was woken up by suffocation. It was getting hard to breath. I tried to remove the source which was blocking my airway but failed. So I started on punching whatever it was. After a few seconds, that thing or should I say someone held both of my hands and pinned it down beside my head.
  • "What the hell is wrong with you, woman?!" I was greeted by my angry looking husband. I didn't reply to him instantly, as I was still unable to catch my breath. I tried to free my hands from his grip but he is so strong.
  • "M-my hands hurt." I manage to say between my laboured breath.
  • He let go of me and move to the other side of the bed. I also got up and settle my dress.
  • "What are you doing on the bed?" I asked in annoyance.
  • "My room, my bed. I can do whatever I like."
  • "But I warned you not to try to sleep here."
  • "I forgot."
  • "Fine! Whatever... Just go back to your place. I want to sleep."
  • "I am not used to sleeping on the floor, so I am not going anywhere... I will sleep here." He says and lay back down on the bed, settling his hands under his head. 
  • "I am not going to sleep with you."
  • "Then don't. Stay awake as I care." He said and closed his eyes.
  • What a jerk!
  • I gritted my teeth before getting out of bed and lay down in his place.
  • "It's a huge bed, you know... You can sleep here. It's not like I am going to touch you or anything." He said after a few minutes.
  • "Thank you so much for being such a gentleman, Mr Hubby. But I am not going to sleep with a man who won't acknowledge me as his wife after marriage." I answered him with my eyes closed. I've made up my mind. I won't gamble with my precious dignity.
  • "Fine! Do whatever you want." Did he sound... annoyed?
  • Good!
  • I smiled and start struggling to sleep on the hard floor.
  • Ya Allah! Me and my big stupid ego...
  • "Assalam o Alaikum." I entered the dining room wearing cream and pink coloured dress with heavy embroidery and lots of pink bangles on both hands. I settle my dupatta neatly on my head, just like a typical newly wedded bride. I was followed by my serious looking Hubby, wearing peach coloured kurta shalwar.
  • "Wallaikum Assalam... Mashallah, my bahu (daughter-in-law) is looking so pretty today." I heard a scoff from behind before Auntie embraced me and kissed my forehead.
  • "Well, she is my choice after all." Said uncle Ghori, smiling and I dropped my gaze like any other shy Pakistani girl.
  • "Excuse me!" I heard a gruff voice belonging to my Mr Hubby as he passed over me and sat at the dining table.
  • Pissed???
  • And my smile widened. 
  • "Come, dear. Have a seat." Auntie led me to a chair next to Mr Hubby and I took the seat, smiling at him. He quickly looked away.
  • "Beta, your family will be here soon to get you. Finish your breakfast and Ehtesham will pick you up after lunch and drop you directly at the saloon." Auntie said, handing me a cup of tea.
  • "Ji Auntie."
  • "It's Ami(mother) now. No more Auntie, okay?" She smiled.
  • "I can call you Ami just like your son?" I said in a fake surprised tone.
  • Of course, I can call her Ami. She is my mother-in-law after all and she shall be my weapon against my dear hubby.  
  • I smirked at the thought and quickly wipe it away as she replied, "Yes, dear. Of course, you can."
  • "Thank you, Aunt- I mean Ami and thank you, Abbu (father)... I am very thankful to Allah. He blessed me with a loving Ami, Abbu, and husband." I said happily and turn to my dear husband, only to receive a dumbfounded look from him. 
  • Ha! He doesn't even know who he is stuck with....
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