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Chapter 15

  • Ehtesham's POV:
  • I kept tossing and turning on my bed for an hour before I finally got up. I couldn't sleep, this strange agitation wouldn't let me. So, I gave up and decide to eat something instead. After grabbing an apple with a water bottle, I walk back to my room. Passing by from Fiza's bedroom door everything flashes back in my mind.
  • I am still unable to understand why I behaved so recklessly. The venom in her voice, the frown on her face, and her rejection to my apology had pissed me off. I wanted to talk but she refused to listen and without thinking, I kissed her.
  • I never imagined that I could give this right to someone else other than Sania, but I did and I don't regret it. I don't regret anything. I don't regret reaching to Fiza, touching her, kissing her and the feeling of the need of her by my side. In fact, this feeling is getting stronger day by day and I can't stop myself from this growing lust towards my Fiza.
  • 'I hate you' her trembling voice and her teary eyes came in my mind again. She is broken, not only because I had kissed her twice in a day without her consent, but because I also didn't miss the chance of deepening the kiss. No doubt it felt good, so good that I continued, completely ignoring her protests and if it wasn't for Sadaf's movement on the other side of the bed, I might not have pulled back so soon.
  • Uff!... Something is really wrong with me...
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