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Chapter 29

  • Ehtesham's POV:
  • "Ami what is this?" I asked Ami, as I stare at the torn-up envelope on the table and without waiting for her answer I picked it up. I frowned reading the details on the envelope. It was from the court and addressed to me, but I found nothing inside. This wasn't an ideal welcome for a person who just came after an exhausting day at the job.
  • "Ami, what was in this envelope?" I said walking towards my parents' room.
  • "Notice."
  • "Yes, but what sort of notice is this?"
  • "Read it yourself." She said pointing towards the small table in the corner of her room. Her anger tone surprised me a bit but I couldn't fathom the reason behind it until I read the papers and for a moment my mind went black. I read the papers but was unable to process the writing in it, therefore I reread it again and again and after reading more than three times, I frown at it.
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