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Chapter 46

  • Fiza's POV:
  • "Why are you so terrified? It wasn't like he directly came to your house." Qudsia asked me when I told her about Ehtesham's call. 
  • "And what if he comes? He knows that Sheheryar isn't here." I said staring at the cup of my coffee. I am not very fond of coffee but since morning, it is my second cup.
  • Ehtesham called me twice yesterday with the same request to meet him alone and on his third call, I blocked his number.  I tried to talk to Sheheryar about his calls but was unable to gather the courage to tell him that he wants to meet his wife alone when he is out of the town. That's why I ended up calling Qudsia. She was at a family dinner so we didn't talk properly and the first thing in the morning she called me. 
  • "He won't, believe me. If he had the courage he would've come yesterday when you blocked his number."
  • "What should I do yar?." I sighed and continued, "I don't know what Sheheryar will think if Ehtesham really came here in his absence." 
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