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Chapter 30

  • Sheheryar's POV:
  • Time flies without wings. No sane person can deny this fact. Days become weeks, weeks become months, it all happens before our eyes and no matter much we try well cannot stop it.
  • It has been a month since I take custody of kids and now life has become more lively for me because of them. It took me time to get used to the change in my daily routine. It was hectic, especially during weekdays but I am not bothered by it.
  • After almost ten days of taking their custody, I moved with them to my old house, to my old city. First, handling kids and making them useful to my house wasn't an easy job but with the help of their grandparents, I managed. They often come to visit us, since their current residence isn't very far from here. Before leaving I tried to contact Fiza so she could meet the kids but she wasn't responding to my calls. On contacting her Chachu, I came to know that her brother has taken her out of the country. The news surprised me a bit because of the problems going between her and Ehtesham. But I didn't try to inquire how their relationship was going or it is ended since it wasn't my place.
  • After coming home, the first two days were quite difficult, more than I have imagined. Every corner of the house reminds me of Umaima and Safina. I have done a few changes in my bedroom but Safina's room is still as it was in her life to remind me what have I lost. Soon the haunted memories were subsided and the responsibility of Sadaf and Taha occupied my mind. Finding a maid for them to find a suitable school for Sadaf, all was done by the Secretary's wife help. So now, everything is going fine with Sadaf, she even makes new friends in school but Taha has become silent. He has changed a lot since they move in with me. He starting to get irritated on everything, he even stops eating properly and relays on milk most of the time. Their maid usually keeps him busy with toys and colouring, which have become his favourite hobby and the walls of my house are proof of it. But when he is not in the mood, he searches for Fiza. When he couldn't find her he starts to cry, until his mind completely turns to his other favourite things or Fiza talks to him. I called Fiza's Chachu after coming here and ask him to give her my landline number if she wants to keep in touch with kids and she did. Even from far, her suggestions helped the maid to handle Taha. But he was still far from his usual self, I often thought of sending him school too, it might help him to settle in a new environment but again, I wasn't sure.
  • I was hoping for some suggestions from Fiza on this, but she avoids talking to me. That's why she only calls on the home landline number, on weekdays during my office time. About hearing of Fiza and Ehtesham's divorce from kids grandmother, everything became clear. Of course, she would be depressed right now and feel awkward to talk a man.
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