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Chapter 4 His Or His?

  • Vanessa had never been hit with such force in her eighteen years of existence. Lynx held her by the neck and pushed her until her head hit the wall. "You dare leave this place without my consent, huh?" Lynx thundered.
  • Zoey, Vanessa's best friend, stood there smiling and chuckling. Everybody was watching, including the maids and the guards.
  • "I… I'm… sorry," Vanessa tried to speak, the words coming out like a wheeze of air. Lynx eventually let go of her neck and pushed her to the ground. Vanessa thought it was over, but soon after, Lynx began to beat her again, hitting every part of her body.
  • Lynx was hitting her so hard, all she could do was scream as everybody else looked on. Lynx pulled her up by her hair to face him. "If you try to defy me again, I will make your life miserable as hell," Lynx angrily said.
  • The pain and contusions throbbed all over her body. Her body ached so much that she had to close her eyes firmly. She tried her hardest to stand up slowly, cautiously making her way to her room while gritting her teeth to withstand the excruciating pain. She laid down on the bed, immediately missing her family so much. She wished they were there to comfort her and make her feel better. All she could think of was home and living together with her family again. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. She fell asleep later, after being so absorbed in her thoughts.
  • Days passed, and Vanessa couldn't stop herself from thinking about the charming man she met at the pub a few days ago. It was strange that she thought of him every single minute; most of the time, she would dream of him. She wished she could be with him and not with the heartless being she called her mate and husband.
  • ***************
  • Four weeks Later
  • After four weeks as the Luna of the Blackwood pack, Vanessa's daily routine consisted of sleeping, waking up, eating, and staying indoors until the next day. She never lacked anything; she was well-fed with different delicacies, and all Lynx wanted was for her to be healthy and agile so she could give him an heir. That was her purpose there, anyway.
  • Vanessa felt incredibly lonely; at times, she felt as if she was losing her mind. Everyone avoided talking to her, but fortunately, her maid Isabella noticed how lonely she had been and decided to keep her company. They would talk and laugh together, discussing various topics whenever Isabella wasn't busy. Vanessa also learned that Lynx defeated Isabella's pack and took her as a slave when she was just fifteen.
  • Vanessa and Isabella were chatting when they suddenly heard the guards shouting, "The Alpha has come back! The Alpha is back!"
  • Lynx had been away due to business matters, and now he was back in the pack. Vanessa felt unhappy about his return, but as the Luna of the pack, she had to go and welcome him.
  • Eventually, Vanessa went downstairs to meet Lynx. Her heart raced in her chest as she heard the guards singing Alpha Lynx's name. She couldn't shake off the feeling of unease. Despite her discomfort, she couldn't avoid him, given her position as his wife and Luna of the Blackwood pack. When she reached downstairs, she greeted Lynx with a fake smile. Little did she know that the revelation she was about to witness would leave her in shock and bewilderment.
  • Standing beside her husband was a man she instantly recognized—the same man she shared a memorable night with, the day she caught Lynx and Zoey together. Vanessa was shocked to see him, realizing that this same man was Lynx's business associate.
  • Vanessa couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at him. His name was Alexander Kroos, the Alpha of the White Phoenix pack, one of the strongest packs on the continent. Alexander wasn't just the Alpha of his pack; he was also the CEO of a large construction firm with significant power and wealth.
  • In essence, Alexander was no ordinary man. He represented authority, might, and danger. No pack crossed them and got away with it. There was also a man standing beside Alexander. He and Alexander had a striking resemblance—both with black hair, blue eyes, and a strong jawline. His name was Elliott, and he was a Beta to Alpha Alexander.
  • Out of the blue, a rush of sudden dizziness overcame Vanessa, causing her to falter in her tracks. She made a strong effort to stand, but she was unable to halt the churning sensation in her stomach that followed. She immediately used all her strength to run to the nearby bathroom. She got there in time and vomited everything she had eaten earlier.
  • When it eventually stopped, she turned to give herself a mouthwash. She leaned down and pondered on what was wrong with her. She had experienced the same thing in the morning, but she brushed it aside, thinking she was a little off. Then, she walked back to the living room because they were all waiting for her to come out.
  • Lynx was worried; his only concern was her well-being, not that she mattered much to him, but he wanted an heir. He immediately called for the doctor. The doctor arrived in a jiffy and inspected her carefully. Finally, the doctor spoke, and what he uttered sent shivers down her spine.
  • "Congratulations," the doctor uttered.
  • "What's that?" Vanessa asked instantly.
  • "You are four weeks pregnant, madam," the doctor replied. Vanessa became dumbfounded upon hearing this, but Lynx was quite delighted because he would finally have an heir to succeed him and secure the pack.
  • When the doctor left, Vanessa's thoughts started racing, trying to unravel the father of the child. She had shared personal moments with both Lynx and Alexander within two days, and she had found herself in a confusing and complicated situation. How would she decipher who the child's father was without putting herself in danger?
  • She decided to keep it a secret, pledging not to let anybody know what happened between her and Alexander. Fear consumed her at the thought of what Alpha Lynx would do to her if he ever found out. She knew how merciless and violent he could be. The stakes were too high, her secret would continue to be a burden she would have to carry alone.
  • Days passed, and Vanessa had been looking for a way to speak with Alexander ever since he came to their home. He had a significant business deal with Lynx, so he would be staying for some time. She needed to implore him not to say anything about what happened between them. If not, it would be the end of her.
  • Fortunately, she was alone in the garden, staring at nature, when she heard someone call her name.
  • "Vanessa," he called in a seductive tone. She guessed he had already found out her name because she was quite sure she had not introduced herself when they met at the pub.
  • "I guess fate has it that we will meet again," Alexander said. "Well, don't be afraid, what happened between us will remain a secret. I know it has been bothering your mind. I'm not looking to end your relationship. I'm here strictly for business," Alexander declared.
  • "It was shocking to see you the other day, and later getting to know that you are Lynx's mate jolted me further," Alexander continued.
  • Vanessa wondered why he uttered that in such a tone. "Is he jealous or something?" She asked herself. Vanessa could sense the change in his mood. Vanessa actually felt something for him though, but she couldn't do anything about it at the moment because of her status as Lynx's mate.
  • Vanessa excused herself and left because she wouldn't want anybody to see them talking. However, deep inside her heart, she didn't want to leave, but she had to. She went to her room and laid on the bed. Abruptly, she felt a sudden pain in her stomach, but she thought it was because of the pregnancy.
  • Not long after, she felt the pain again, this time more intense to the point that she couldn't even shout. She wrapped her hand around her stomach as her eyes became blurry and started closing up. When she eventually woke up, she found herself in the hospital.
  • "She has regained consciousness! Vanessa is awake!" These were the first words she heard. She didn't know how she ended up in the hospital. She saw Lynx enter and Alexander did the same.
  • Her maid, Isabella, was the one who found her unconscious in her room, and she was quickly rushed to the hospital afterward.
  • She had been examined by the doctor, and the doctor had told Lynx and Alexander that she was safe together with her baby. However, she had been poisoned. Vanessa was shocked to hear this. "Who in the world wants me and my baby dead?" She asked herself, her heart racing.