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Chapter 3 A Being Or A God?

  • Vanessa was trembling, waiting for the next thing Lynx would say.
  • "You are here just as a breeder. Since you are my mate, you can give me an heir so that the future of my pack will be secured. Don't be too forward; I don't have any intention of treating you as my wife," Lynx declared.
  • Vanessa couldn't believe her ears; her heart broke into a million pieces upon hearing what Lynx said.
  • "Now get out of here, I am quite busy at the moment," Lynx yelled at Vanessa.
  • Vanessa wanted to cry out, but she tried to remain silent, clenching her fist furiously at her side. She felt betrayed as she left Lynx's office, making her way out into the night. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she ran out of the house. She just wanted to escape the agonizing scene she had just witnessed.
  • Her wolf, Vany, remained silent throughout, just as hurt as Vanessa. Vanessa wanted to talk to her wolf, but Vany was not one to talk much.
  • After walking a long distance, crying and sobbing, she saw glowing neon lights a few meters away. Through the dimly lit windows, she could hear chatter and the clinking of glasses. Vanessa entered the pub and asked for wine; she just wanted to clear her mind. Her emotions began to temporarily numb as she drank the wine. She looked around for a place to cry her eyes out once again, but instead, she resorted to drinking more glasses of wine. After consuming several glasses, she began to feel tipsy.
  • *******
  • Alexander had been working for days; he went down to the pub to relax and think about the deal with his business partner. "Thankfully, Elliott didn't come out with me tonight; he talks too much for such a nice man," he uttered to himself, letting out a smile. "What would I have done without him, though? He has been my stalwart since I can remember," he remarked.
  • The ongoing project had been consuming much of his time lately. He wanted to seal the deal with his business partner as soon as possible so that he could have enough rest and focus on other matters. All these thoughts were running through his mind when he spotted a pretty young lady. She looked alluring, and he couldn't stop himself from stealing glances at her. She had clear skin, long eyelashes, and nice lips. Her long, dark hair, which reached down to her back, made her even more attractive to him.
  • Alexander noticed she was all alone, trying to wipe her tears. His mind was filled with numerous questions. "What could have happened to her? Did someone hurt her? Why is she crying all alone in a bar?"
  • He decided to go and check up on her. Immediately he stood up from his seat, a marvelous scent hit him. Alexander looked directly in her direction once again.
  • "Mate… Mate…" Alex's wolf was huffing and puffing within him. Alex approached her, his eyes filled with sympathy. "Hello, darling," Alexander greeted her.
  • "What are you looking for?" Vanessa asked, without even looking at him.
  • "I want you to stop crying first," he replied, using the handkerchief in his hand to clean her tears. He didn't know what pushed him to do it, but he did it anyway. Astonishingly, she didn't stop him.
  • "So after that, what next?" she asked, staring deep into Alexander's eyes. Vanessa couldn't recognize Alexander as a mate because she had already been marked by Lynx. Alexander was deep in thought, admiring her beauty. He had forgotten that she had asked him a question.
  • "Hey, Mister," she snapped.
  • "Oh, sorry, I am just confused as to why a pretty lady would be sobbing and drinking all alone in the pub. Can you share the matter with me if you don't mind?" he replied, trying to sound nice and kind to her.
  • "I don't think I would like to talk about that," she snapped instantly.
  • Near-instantly, music began to play in the bar. Alexander didn't know how or when he asked for a dance, but surprisingly she didn't refuse.
  • As their bodies swayed together, Vanessa felt peace, and it felt as if all her pain had vanished. She began to feel a glint of warmth and affection coming from him, his embrace like an anchor and a ray of hope.
  • They found solace in each other's arms. During that moment, Vanessa felt loved and adored, which made her forget the traumatic scene she had just witnessed earlier. Vanessa kept staring at Alexander and couldn't stop herself from looking into his ocean blue eyes. Despite her blurred vision from the wine she had consumed earlier, she could still tell how handsome and charming he was, and the commanding presence he exuded.
  • Vanessa examined his entire body. His shoulders were broad, and he had muscles and a ripped physique that pronounced his masculine stature. Alex held Vanessa around her waist, looking directly into her eyes. His ocean blue eyes could make any lady fall for him instantly, and his tender touch could make a lady want him more. Vanessa wondered if he was a being or a god.
  • Vanessa's hand found its way to Alexander's chest. "Vanessa, what are you doing?" she asked herself as she moved her fingers around his chest. She didn't want to stop, and her breath was getting warmer. It felt as if she was not in control of herself anymore. There was something about him that was just too alluring for her.
  • Alex clamped down harder on Vanessa's waist, which made her gasp slightly. Alex looked at her lips, and abruptly pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was tender and sensual, sending waves of emotions through Vanessa's body.
  • "Can we move somewhere more private?" Alex asked candidly. Vanessa didn't hesitate to say yes, and they left the bar together. It all happened so fast that Vanessa didn't even think of what Lynx would do to her if he found out.
  • Vanessa opened her eyes at dawn. She looked around the room, and it didn't resemble hers. She turned and saw the man she had met the previous night still sleeping. She started to recall everything from last night. She couldn't believe she had just had a one-night stand with a stranger. She quickly dressed and left quietly.
  • Upon returning to Lynx's mansion, she found Lynx already waiting for her in the living room, and her heart began to beat rapidly.
  • "Vanessa, my dear mate," Lynx's voice dropped like a toxin. Vanessa's body shuddered as she stood there, not knowing what to do or say.
  • Vanessa began to twitch as Lynx walked toward her. "Where have you been since yesterday? Where did you sleep last night, and how dare you leave here without my permission?" Lynx asked, his voice filled with rage.
  • Vanessa swallowed hard, her throat feeling heavy. There was nothing she could do to avoid his next actions. "I… I'm so…so…sorry…"
  • Before she could complete her sentence, she was struck with the first blow. The second hit followed instantly.