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Chapter 2 Desire And Dread

  • “Kai, please stop. I don’t want anybody to die again. I can’t bear it. I will go with Lynx,” Vanessa said.
  • “No, this cannot happen,” Yvette said as she pulled Vanessa closer to her. Seeing her daughter cry so much was quite distressing for her.
  • Vanessa’s best day ever became her worst nightmare. The only way to stop the war between Lynx and her pack was to go with her mate. Lynx walked up to Vanessa, grabbed her hand, and took her out of the vault. A car was waiting for them outside the vault. Lynx forcefully pushed Vanessa into the car.
  • Her parents watched as the vicious Alpha Lynx took their cherished daughter away. Vanessa waved at her parents and brothers as the car accelerated.
  • Vanessa was not comfortable sitting with Lynx in the car. Silence filled the space as she kept looking outside through the window, avoiding eye contact with Lynx. Despite her efforts, tears streamed down her cheeks. Even her wolf remained silent, offering no solace.
  • Breaking the silence, Lynx remarked, “It seems you don’t talk much, do you?” Vanessa didn’t respond, unsure of what to say in such a tense situation. She remained silent for the entirety of the journey, fearing to provoke him.
  • Upon arriving at Lynx’s mansion, Vanessa was struck by its grandeur. The mansion boasted large sconces, elegant curtains, and shimmering windows. Isabella, a maid in the mansion, approached Vanessa and guided her to a room upstairs. Painted in calming green hues, the room featured a spacious bed and a luxurious wardrobe. It was a haven of comfort amidst the uncertainty. “I will be leaving now,” Isabella said before departing.
  • “Thanks,” Vanessa replied, smiling at her. Vanessa was glad that she wouldn’t be staying in the same room with Alpha Lynx. She sat on her bed, looking exhausted from the journey. “Perhaps it won’t be bad living here,” she whispered.
  • Isabella came back to hand over some clothes to her. “Would you like to eat something, Luna?” she asked.
  • Vanessa told her no, that she was okay. She didn’t really have any appetite just yet. She moved to the bathroom to take a shower. She stood under the shower as the water washed away all the dirt from her body. The water could wash away the dirt, but it could not wash away the emotional pain that she felt.
  • She was sad and kept wondering why the moon goddess gave her Lynx as a mate. She was lost in thought as water rained down her body. Suddenly, the water stopped running. She opened her eyes and saw Lynx standing in front of her. She rushed to grab the towel to cover her body before asking why he came into the shower.
  • Without saying anything, Lynx quickly reached out, gently placing a hand over her mouth, silencing her. His touch sent shivers down her spine, a mix of apprehension and longing.
  • “My mate,” he whispered in her ear. Vanessa tried to pull away, but he held her firmly, his grip strong.
  • “What are you trying to do?” Vanessa asked, attempting to free herself from his hold.
  • “Do you know how much you and your family stress me? How about you atone for it?” he said, winking at her. Vanessa's face flushed red. She was surprised that a ruthless man like Lynx could flirt and smile, too.
  • Lynx drew her closer and slowly removed the towel. He sniffed her after removing the towel, "You smell so good and look more beautiful than I thought; the dirt from the chaos concealed your beauty."
  • Vanessa's heartbeat increased as he began to wrap his hand around her waist once again. His touch was electric, sending shivers down her spine as he moved his hands from her waist to her chest.
  • She had never felt that way before, and at that moment, she didn't want him to stop. Lynx's breath was warm on her neck, and it gave her chills. "Today, I'm going to enjoy every bit of your body," he whispered in her ear.
  • Lynx carried her to the bed, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. He gave more attention to her breasts than her face, and Vanessa let out a silent moan. Lynx parted her legs to reveal her vagina. Without speaking, he slammed his hard dick into her pussy, thrusting deep, causing Vanessa to feel a lot of pain. She made an effort to push him away, but her attempts were futile. His movements were clumsy for such an attractive Alpha, yet Vanessa was speechless at the time.
  • The following morning, Vanessa sat on the edge of the bed, reflecting on what happened between her and Lynx the night before. She giggled as she blushed at the memory. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled and adjusted her hair.
  • "It seems Lynx genuinely likes me, or did he just have sex with me because I'm his mate?" she wondered.
  • She felt a very sharp pain in her pelvic region. Enduring the discomfort, she carefully walked to the bathroom. Starving from not eating anything the day before, she headed downstairs to have breakfast.
  • It was already sunset, and Vanessa had not seen Lynx since morning, so she decided to go to his office to check on him. After all, he is her husband.
  • Vanessa made her way to Lynx's office. She could hear moans and grunts of intense lovemaking. Wondering where the sounds were coming from, she followed them. The moans and grunts intensified as she moved closer and closer to Lynx's office. Upon reaching the door, she waited to confirm that the sounds were indeed coming from inside. Pushing open the door, to her greatest surprise, she saw Lynx and Zoey, her best friend, in the midst of intense lovemaking.
  • Vanessa couldn't believe her eyes. Her heart immediately broke, feeling as though her chest was going to erupt; she quickly reached for her mouth with one hand to suppress the horrifying gasp of shock.
  • "Zoey, how the hell did you get here and what are you doing here?" Vanessa cried out, her voice trembling. She was so unsettled and agitated.
  • Zoey didn't look bothered; she ignored Vanessa and planted a kiss on Lynx's face.
  • "Vanessa, meet my sweet, pretty spy, Zoey. She did quite a good job, making it easy for me to attack your pack. She gave all the necessary information that I needed. My original plan was to destroy all of the Crescent Moon pack and kill everyone, then take you as a slave, but you happened to be my mate. What a coincidence," Lynx said before turning to Zoey again, kissing her passionately.
  • "Lynx, you and I had a thing together last night, how could you…" Vanessa tried to say something.
  • "Shut up! What happened last night literally meant nothing. I doubt that I have any feelings for you," Lynx interrupted her.
  • Vanessa felt embarrassed and stupid; she had thought that Lynx actually liked her.
  • "There is just one reason you are here, Vanessa," Lynx uttered.
  • "What do you mean by that?" she questioned, her eyes gaping.