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Chapter 8: His Weakness

  • "Kiss her."
  • "Kiss her."
  • "Kiss her."
  • Damon's eyes couldn't cast away from her lips, his brain had long ceased its normal functioning and to make things worst, his wolf counterpart was pushing forward, trying to force himself to the forefront of his mind.
  • "If t-that's true t-then----then w-what did y-you mean when y-you s-said you'd 'deal w-with me'?" Sarah was expectantly staring up at him, desperately waiting for a valid response to her question. However, Damon hadn't replied....and it didn't seem to Sarah like he was going to anytime soon. He wasn't even focused on what she was saying, instead, he was focused on something else, something that made Sarah's cheeks instantly go red....her lips.
  • He wasn't about to do what she thought he was about to do, right?
  • He answered her question when he began to lean forward, hazel eyes clouded over with an emotion that was hardly ever directed at her...lust. Upon realizing it, she suddenly forgot how to breath.
  • Was this it? The moment she would have to give herself over to him, body and soul?... The moment she would have to please him to his heart's content?
  • To put it simply, she had forgotten all about that. But how could she have forgotten about why she came here in the first place? She was chosen by Damon and therefore she was his sex-slave, his possession for the rest of her life. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't shown a tinge of interest in her up until now that made it temporarily escape her mind.
  • Humans were simply playtoys for werewolves, a weaker species who could do nothing but bend to their will. All she was designated for was to pleasure her owner...nothing more nothing less. She hated that fact, but it didn't matter whether or not she was okay with it...Damon seemed to be more than happy to light things afire.
  • ...and strangely, she wasn't entirely opposed to the idea of kissing the living daylights out of him.
  • Surely, there had been many times when Mr Knack would use her to fulfil his desires, but this time around, there was something different about it, instead of wanting to pull herself back, she wanted to push herself forward. There was a strange feeling building in the pit of her stomach and a heap of pride grew against her chest relentlessly. It felt good...good to have drawn some of his attention, good to have his eyes pinned on her and only her. 
  • But somehow, when she finally decided to close her eyes and await the euphoric feeling of his lips on hers, her mind had uncontrollably travelled to places that she didn't want to return to. Before long, she was stupidly convinced that the person in front of her was Mr. Knack. Then without realizing it, she started to tremble.
  • With all the raw fear dancing around in the room, Damon was forced to snap out of his mindless state, even his wolf who had earlier been pushing forward mercilessly, receded to the back of his mind. She was scared...his mate was scared.
  • Damon leaned back to take a hard, long look at his mate and he was sensible enough to perceive that her reaction wasn't simply because she feared him...these were the signs of past trauma. Her body was convulsing, her lips were palpitating and her fingers were clenched unto the hem of her dress as if to keep it secured over her legs.
  • Any idiot could tell that something very bad had happened to her before he met her...something that maybe had a lot to do with the fading marks on her skin.
  • Damon drew in a breath. Anger was threading through him, so much so that his veins started to rise to surface, becoming visible on his arms. He tried his best to keep himself restrained, but his attempts went pretty much in vein.
  • "I'm not going to touch you," he squeezed out through clenched teeth, but his hands were actually itching to grab her and pull her into his embrace. He literally had to tightly entwine his fingers to prevent his hands from reaching out to her.
  • Trying so hard to hold himself back was new to him, but he had made a promise to himself ten years ago that he wouldn't allow the mate bond to cloud his mind...And he was planning on keeping that promise for the rest of his life.
  • "I'm not going to hurt you...I'm not even going to touch you." He repeated, raising his hands in surrender. He felt stupid and weird to have said something like that when he was used to saying the complete opposite, but he did it anyway and laid the complete blame on Sarah. It was her fault that he had to act so fact, he considered everything to be her fault.
  • She had suddenly came into his life and had caused a big ripple. He couldn't even keep his emotions in check at the moment, not to mention the day when they first met...he had been totally smitten by her. But luckily, he was reminded of how lethal a mate could be before it was too late.
  • She was not simply a mate for him...she was his weakness, the only person who could mess with his head and make him feel things he didn't want to feel.
  • "I'm s-so-" Sarah's sudden gasp for breath brought him out of his thoughts. "I---I--I'm sorry," she finally managed to say, while she tried to draw in as much air into her nostrils as she could. Her eyes which had been wide with fear a few seconds back, were now staring up at him apologetically.
  • Damon frowned. He wasn't sure what she was apologizing for. He was the one who attempted to do something he certainly wasn't supposed to do. Rather than being apologetic, he wanted some answers. His hands were already trembling with the need to kill, he just needed her to name all those who had dared to touch her.
  • "I want to know who gave you those bruises." He suddenly demanded, catching her off guard.
  • "W-What?" Sarah's face contorted into one of pure confusion. Somehow, she found herself feeling a little disappointed. She was apologizing for the unintentional turn-off, yet he had shoved their little moment aside and was now asking an unrelated question.
  • Why did he want to know about her bruises anyway?
  • She looked up at him, hoping to determine what he was up to, but all she could see was the anger in his eyes...nothing more. Sarah frowned, furrowing her brows. Damon surely had a knack for getting angry for no reason at all.
  • "Who gave you the bruises, Sarah?" His voice was raised higher than before and he had even called her by her name. That simply meant that he was completely serious...But Sarah couldn't manage to answer him. It wasn't that she didn't want to. It was just that she didn't want to remember it all. And plus, it'd be stupid of her to name out the persons who had hurt her. What if they came looking for her because of it?
  • Damon stared at her for around thirty seconds, jaw ticking as he tried to patiently wait for her reply. However, his patience had wore thin when another thirty seconds passed and Sarah hadn't even attempted to answer him. All the while she kept her gaze on her fiddling fingers in her lap.
  • He could have forced her to answer him if he wanted to, but he couldn't bring himself to do matter how much he wanted to. That was the power of the mate bond...the power he dreaded. Damon hollowed his cheeks in annoyance, slammed his hands against the table then stood up.
  • "Fine." He grumbled through his teeth without even sparing her a glance. "I'll do things my way." And then with that, he stormed off. The sound of the front door slamming shut soon filled her ear, causing her to jump at its earsplitting loudness.
  • And for the umpteenth time since she arrived, Sarah found herself clueless as to what he was thinking.