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Chapter 10: Doomsday: Part One

  • Sarah yawned openly, stretched her arms then flew upwards in the bed with a large smile on her face. The sun was shining mightily in the sky, the birds were chirping their sweet songs and as for Sarah, you could say she was in a VERY good mood. Ever since that little talk Damon had with her yesterday, she had been going around everywhere with a slight happy skip to her movements.
  • For some reason, his words had made her feel unusually good. First, he made it known that he wanted her to soften up to him and then, he made it known that he wanted to get closer to her. The difference between the two was hard to realize, but Sarah knew exactly what separated them. When he insinuated that he wanted her to soften up to him, she wasn't really sure if he actually meant exactly that, but when he said he wanted her to act naturally around him, she was entirely sure of it.
  • Damon Kalesto was actually interested in her...who would've thought?
  • A rush of blood rose to her cheeks. Sarah had no idea why that made her feel so giddy, but she simply rolled with the emotion as soon as it came. It wasn't good to think too much about the perks of the mate bond nor try to figure it out...she'd probably go crazy.
  • Sarah climbed off the bed and shambled over to the bathroom. She took a fifteen minute shower then came out with a towel drying her hair and another wrapped around her body. Water droplets trickled down her skin and dripped to the floor, leaving a wet trail behind her.
  • Just when she was about to unwrap her towel, a voice came calling out her name from behind her door. Her stomach dropped. Though she had only heard it a couple of times, she knew for sure that the voice belonged to none other than Alexis.
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