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Chapter 20: The Fullmoon's Trick

  • A few years ago before she was captured by MR. knack, she had met a boy while roaming the streets. They both were homeless and had lost their parents so they easily understood each other's pain.
  • But there was another similarity between them...they hated werewolves.
  • For Kevin, it was a lifelong and boundless hatred, a hatred that he pushed over the limit. A few months before he met Sarah, his sister had been captured and killed by an Alpha werewolf. After having lost all his family to werewolves, his relentless hatred began to rouse.
  • Meanwhile, for Sarah, her hatred was only temporary. She had also lost her parents in the same way, but as she grew, she came to realize that werewolves and humans were just two species that wanted to survive...and in order to do so, they had the unshakable mentality that they needed to fight against each other. Of course, she had some form of hatred towards MR. Knack and his goons for what they had done to her, but that didn't mean she hated every single werewolf on the planet because of it.
  • In short, their promise held no significance anymore. Yes, she was grateful that he remembered her and was striving  to keep his word, but truthfully, she didn't care about something like that anymore.
  • "K-Kevin..." She started shakily. She was shaking like a leaf and her voice was barely even audible but she was still ready to tell him that their promise meant nothing to her in the politest way possible. "I don't thi-"
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