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Chapter 13: Lies

  • Sarah's eyes fluttered open to see a pair of hazel ones staring down at her. Her eyes widened and she shuffled backwards on the cold floor, her back hitting against the hard wall. Pain shot through every fibre of her being at the action, causing her to hunch over slightly.
  • Her head hurt, her limbs hurt and there were even little cuts littering her skin.
  • But her physical pain was a little less intense than her emotional one. Rather than being happy that they shared such a deep connection through their mate bond, she felt irritated. If this mate thing didn't exist then maybe she wouldn't feel so betrayed, wronged and scared. Maybe this wouldn't have even fazed her...
  • "You're awake?" Damon asked, leaning forward over the edge of the bed, his eyes void and as cold as ice. Sarah flinched at the sound of his voice. She tried her best to shrink herself under his stare but Damon seemed to stare harder at her the more she moved, so she kept herself still.
  • A flash of guilt showed in Damon's eyes and then within a second, it was gone. Sarah couldn't tell if she had really seen it or not, but either way, she didn't care. Whether he felt guilty or not, didn't change the fact that he had watched her fall from the stairs, knowing that she could've died from it.
  • Even if he thought she had done something wrong, that didn't justify harbouring such intense coldness and hatred toward her. He didn't even attempt to grab her for god sakes! How could he? And what's worse, he had even chained her hands together despite her condition. If this was how he was going to treat her, then she might've thought wrong about their life together. Maybe it actually isn't better than life in the dungeons...sadly.
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