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Chapter 14: Hunters

  • Sarah sat on the floor, curled up against the wall with her head resting on her knees. She had been in the same position ever since her conversation with Damon. Her eyes were stinging, probably from lack of sleep, but Sarah wouldn't close her eyes. Her mind was too preoccupied.
  • She hadn't slept throughout the night...not even for a second. Aside from thinking about how bad of a life she had, she had also been watching Damon mumbling and shifting around in his sleep. She had no idea what he was dreaming about but she figured he was reliving a bad experience. And though Sarah didn't want to, she still pitied him.
  • Yet the one who needed pity the most was her...
  • Everything was weighting down on her shoulders, she almost felt as if she would black out any minute. Plus, the pain from falling down the stairs still hurt a lot, but not as much. It was quite puzzling though. A fall from that height should've probably broken a few bones or so, but Sarah only felt pain in her limbs and head...not an immense kind of pain that couldn't be beared though.
  • Perhaps, she got lucky for once in her life?
  • Damon dragged her out of her thoughts as he walked out from the bathroom with his phone held to his ears. His eyebrows were pulled together and his lips were set into a thin line as he listened to the person on the other end of the call.
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