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Chapter 17: Fullmoon

  • "Prepare for what?" She mumbled through her lips, still clutching her hands to her chest.
  • Jason was a little...well alot shorter than every other werewolf around. He was even an inch shorter than Sarah and she was barely 5'4. The wind sent strands of his low, frazzled black hair in all directions and his black eyes were small and naturally slitted. Despite how mischievous his appearance looked, he still gave off an amicable vibe. He was probably even the only one at the party who wasn't practically cursing her six feet under with their eyes.
  • It's no wonder why she didn't feel uncomfortable in his presence.
  • A loud smacking sound jerked Sarah out of her thoughts. Jason had smacked Damon on the arm and was now grinning like an idiot, that same knowing look on his face. "She's messing with me, right?"
  • Damon didn't make any move to speak. He simply looked to be awfully surprised to a degree that didn't seem healthy. His face had drained of colour and his whole body began to sweat. Sarah rose her brow slightly as she inevitably started to question what was so distressing about a stupid full moon.
  • After taking in Damon's appearance, Jason gave him a look of utter disbelief. "You someone who's just realized that they fell face first in shit. Dude, you seriously forgot?!" He exclaimed, turning the remaining few heads in their direction. Then with eyes as wide as saucers, he turned to Sarah and studied her expression. "And you..." He said, pausing to take in a breath of fresh air. "You seem clueless...completely and utterly clueless. But that can't be. Damon had to have told you about the awesome time both of you will be spending tonight. But if he really didn't tell you --which is really not a good move--, then I suppose he wants you to have a heart attack tonight. I mean, you're human and he's a werewolf. You barely know anyth--"
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