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Chapter 66: Who Dies?

  • "I'm the one who's giving you five seconds to let him go before I sink my claws into her neck." A gleeful voice split through the air, sending dangerous chills down Damon's spine. Her neck? He wasn't talking about Sarah, was he?
  • Slowly, Damon turned his head towards Maxim who was being followed by two black rogue wolves; one already shifted while the other was still in human form.
  • Upon seeing the sight of Maxim holding his battered mate, Damon's hand unintentionally loosened around Kevin's neck. Kevin immediately used the chance to pluck each of his fingers from around his neck and swiftly escape his clutches, running over to Maxim's side.
  • "W-what did you do to her?" His shocked eyes rolled up and down her body over and over if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Her arms were wrapped around her stomach and blood was seeping from bruises sprawled over her body. From the way she was close to tumbling over backway, she probably couldn't even stand on her own. "!" Damon repeated, his voice low and threatening as his hands returned to his side.
  • "It seems like you don't realize who's currently in shit right now. It's not me nor you...its this little human who has absolutely nothing to do with this and..." Maxim ran his nails along her neck. "...the helpless kid growing inside her. You won't let them die will you?...that's if the kid isn't dead already."
  • Damon's eyes twinkled with confusion. "K-Kid?"
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