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Chapter 65: Choices

  • Boom boom boom! Damon’s paws hitting against the ground was more dangerous and thunderous than all else. The strength of each thrust forward was more immense than all else. And the determination pumping through his veins was thicker than all else. His goal...was to find her. His goal...was to hunt and kill whosoever had touched her. His goal...was to save her from their wretched clutches. Those goals...he was pretty close to it judging by the numerous scents that was beginning to disgustingly whip against his nose. That was when he knew it...the scent hiding spray must have started to ware off.
  • Shifting back to human form whilst continuing to run as fast as ever, Damon took a long whiff of every single scent he could and did his best to single out one specific one...the scent of his mate. And it didn’t take long to distinguish it among every other. Upon finding it, adrenaline flooded through his body like a shot of electricity, pumping him faster, pushing him harder towards her. Saving her was a must.... And if even a single hair has left her head, they all better pray that he doesn’t get ahold of them. He’d shatter them all into pieces slowly, dangerously...until the only thing left of them was merely blood.
  • It was when he was a short distance away from his destination that he realized that he had already taken this particular path already. A few months ago, he had came to this place and slaughtered all that breathed air ....simply because they had dared to hurt the woman that belonged to him. Who would’ve thought that they’d use it as a base? The nerve of those filthy rogues!
  • “Alpha, I think we’ll soon arrive. I can vaguely smell both hunters and rogues...a lot of them. It doesn’t seem like they’re concentrated at one spot.” Jason informed, a bit of worry painting his face.
  • “They’re probably surrounding their hideout.” Delarius; another high ranking werewolf added as he ran closely behind Jason. “How should we proceed?”
  • “We’re going in head on.” Damon commanded, his hazel orbs finally locking on the familiar tall building. “With so much of them in one spot, we won’t be able to sneak attack. They’ll spot us the second we leave the forest.”
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