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Chapter 64: Big News

  • Sarah’s eyes fluttered open and all that she could see was complete and utter darkness. Ignoring the pain that scourged her hand, she twisted around unto her stomach and climbed to her feet. Her beady blue eyes surveyed her surrounding, looking and searching for any source of light. When her eyes pinned on the streak of light escaping through the crack on the wall to her left, she quickly sped over to it. But in the process, her gaze met the unclear sight of splattered blood on the untiled floor. She squinted as her trembling legs slowly turned in that direction.
  • Though she couldn’t see very well, she could make out numbers carved into the floor beside the stale blood. Three familiar numbers... 154. How could she not have remembered the same numbers that were burned into the side of her neck? And this was the dungeon that she had been kept in all those years...or at least what remained of it. Why did they bring her here? Why here of all places?
  • Was this to prevent Damon from finding her? Surely, if he already found out that she had been kidnapped then he wouldn’t even think of showing up to this place. That was definitely their intent.
  • “If I recall correctly, this is the cell you had been kept in.” A male voice resounded through the darkness, catching Sarah’s utmost attention. She turned towards the voice and squinted repeatedly in an attempt to see through the darkness and just then, the light was suddenly switched on, giving view of the man that was standing before her cell...Kevin.
  • “So this w-was all you?” Sarah acknowledged bitterly as she swiftly hid her wounded hand behind her and drew closer to the wall furthest away from him.
  • “Yes, all me.” He grinned as if what he had done was some great achievement. “I hear your mate’s going haywire looking for you! I guess he was actually a bit fond of you.”
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