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Chapter 63: Finding Sarah

  • Damon pulled to a stop at the edge of the forest and quickly shifted back to human form. The hundreds of wolves behind him followed his actions, their thunderous paws ceasing to trample upon the grassy ground.
  • “Where is my mate?!” The booming voice of Damon surged through the crowd and then shook the mighty forest, frightening animals to the point where they hid as fast as lightening while birds took off into the skies. If mere words were as ruffling as that, then imagine how terrifying it was for the person it was directed at.
  • Jason, who was waiting by the front door, dropped to his knees and lowered his head in shame as soon as the words shook his eardrums. “I still-“ he hesitated for a second when Damon took his first threatening step towards him. “I still h-haven’t found her.”
  • Jason knew very well that this was no simple matter and he knew that he’d be given no simple punishment either....even if it wouldn’t be death, it’d still be dreadful. But it was his mistake for letting his guard down. He should’ve protected his Luna at all costs...yet he allowed himself to fall victim to Katie’s tricks. He deserved whatever was coming to him.
  • “I’ve searched all the surrounding areas...” He continued to explain, “but I still having found any trace of her scent. And it’s been over half an hour. They’re probably far gone.”
  • At that, Damon’s veins started to spasm as he strided forward, his arms flexing dangerously as his anger multiplied threefold. “Far gone? I told you to keep track of her every movement! How the fuck did you let them take her while you’re still untouched!?”
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