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Chapter 59: Out Of The Shell

  • Damon's head was filled with hope as he ascended the stairs that lead to the guest room. It had been three days now that Sarah had locked herself in there. The only times he got to see her were the rare moments when she stuffed her head out the door to collect the food he placed beside of it. Other than that, she made sure to stay clear of him.
  • Damon was frustrated to say the least, but even though he couldn't help but feel such an emotion, he was beginning to believe that he wasn't worthy of it. If he thought about it thoroughly then he was certainly the one at fault. He had kissed someone he shouldn't have and he had said a few things that he shouldn't have. Surely if he had kept his emotions in check when they had that talk, things wouldn't have become this bad. Yes, she would've probably ignored him the same, but not for this long atleast.
  • He couldn't take it anymore. What he needed was a solution, a good solution. The first thing that popped into his head was to throw Katie out and allow her to fall in the hands of the rogues. And he could do exactly that but he chose not to. Not because he didn't want to, but because it wouldn't change a thing...what he had done would still remain.
  • And next up was an apology...that he could surely do, but he didn't know how. No matter how much he called out to her, she wouldn't open the door, not for him and not even for Katie.
  • As such, he had nothing left to do. The severity of this matter was getting to him. There was never a time in his life where he had ever been ignored, nobody had the guts to do it, but now that it was happening, he was one hundred percent sure that he didn't like it, he despised it...the lack of attention, the guilt that gobbled him hole, the loneliness that plagued him. He hated it. This was not the life of an Alpha King. He was sure of it. And today would be the day that he ends this long episode of her ignoring him. He'd get her to speak to him one way or another...even if he had to break down the door or worse...
  • Damon cracked his neck and sped up his feet as he continued to walk up the stairs. He was now determined to have her speak to him and nobody could stop him.
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