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Chapter 54: The truth behind rejection

  • Carrying her was nothing more than an innocent act on Damon's part but as for Sarah... The scent, the feel of his hand on her, the cheesy stuff he said back there....everything just made her mind go haywire, but she never once opened her mouth to tell him to let her down. She liked their proximity as well as how close they had become in their relationship, much more than she herself would ever admit. So right up until he plopped her feet down unto the tiled floor of his mansion, she beared it all and kept completely silent.
  • And as she stood there, she could feel this urge...this urge to pull him by his shirt and bring him closer, close enough for his lips to touch hers. But she didn't dare. Yes, they were much comfortable around eachother, but that didn't mean she could be as daring as she wanted nor as bold as she wanted. The embarrassment she'd feel after doing such things would only eat her up until there's nothing left of her.
  • "Sarah?" Damon called, eyeing her as she stood silently before him, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth and her fingers buried into the sides of her dress. "You do know that I can smell you, right?"
  • Sarah's jaw slackened and she pushed her legs closer together as her whole body went rigid from a sudden mental tension. She had forgotten all about it...his ability to smell every single thing...including her arousal. So all this time when she had been getting all hot and bothered down there, he knew? HE KNEW?!
  • As realization hit her, Sarah wanted to curl up and hide or even run away for the sake of escaping those knowing eyes. But rationality reigned over stupidity then and she grabbed unto her composure once more and stood her ground instead of fleeing. She couldn't let herself look more stupid than she already did.
  • "I'm not sure what you're talking about." Sarah pressed her hand to his chest and shoved him as hard as she could, but the furthest he got was only a step backward. "Aren't you supposed to meet with Jason? We're already home, if you didn't notice. You should get going now."
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