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Chapter 48: Clash between the old and the new

  • Sarah's heart sped up and the thoughts circulating around in her head pulled to a stop. Her blue eyes encircled her face then pulled to a stop on another blue pair of eyes. Everything stopped and the world was suddenly centred around the woman called 'Katie'. Even the sound of wolves howling outside was drowned out into nothingness. Sarah could tell, she could feel it, she could see it. The resentful look in her eyes, the slightly scornful pull of her lips and the aura of superiority that sparked in both the way she dressed and her straight-shouldered posture. This woman would be nothing but trouble.
  • There was no doubt that Katie didn't like her one bit. And similarly, there was no doubt that Sarah felt the exact same way. As she stared at the woman before her, one sole thought flashed through her mind over and over: 'slam the door shut!' That wasn't exactly what Sarah would usually think of, but the pool of emotions that swam through her was enough to even boost her to pull every single strand of her hair out. She couldn't exactly confirm why or pinpoint from where she got the thought, but all she felt when she looked at Katie was jealousy, rivalry and annoyance.
  • Why was she even here? As far as Sarah knew, this woman was a betrayer, someone who Damon would kill in an instant if he spotted her and yet, she had knocked on the door to hell without even a pinch of fear on her features. What drove her here after all this time? By the way she was looking at her, she was probably sizing her up and examining each and every one of her features. So then, was she here to compare them both to see which was better?
  • But if that was the case, what difference would that make? All she was doing, was to get herself in trouble. Back when Damon thought she was a traitor, he was absolutely livid, livid enough to watch her fall from the stairs with icy hazel eyes. Imagine what he'd do when he finds the actual betrayer standing by the door? Sarah wasn't sure what exactly had happened between them, but it was definitely something big. And though a part of her was telling her that Damon would probably rip her head off her body...another part was telling her that he'd do the same as last after Katie with those stupid sad-looking eyes and then leave her standing here with nothing to do and no one to talk to.
  • That would not happen again...not on her watch.
  • "Are you the infamous Katie?" She asked hesitantly, her face drowning in embarrassment when Katie didn't even acknowledge that she had spoken. "I don't think it's wise for you to be here. Damon will be back soon." Sarah tipped on her toes and looked over her shoulder, her gaze sweeping over the forestry that laid in front the house. Thankfully, Damon was nowhere to be seen. "You should probably go before he returns."
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