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Chapter 45: Pleasure like no other

  • "Damon?" Sarah's excited smile blossomed brighter than before as she watched Damon who was now fully shifted in front of her. Her amazed eyes swallowed every bit of his appearance...his fur that was as black as night, his eyes that were of a beautiful golden colour and his long, heavy limbs that looked ten times more stronger than in human form. Sarah could do nothing but stare at him from head to toe, then from toe to head. It was the first time she had seen a werewolf shift so clearly and you could say she was more than impressed.
  • The wolf hoisted its head somewhat cockily as if howling, his beautiful fur flowing with the whooshing wind that escaped through the open windows. With itching fingers and a heart filled with nothing but excitement, Sarah crawled off the bed and made her way towards him on the top of her toes. It was Damon so she was indeed wary of touching the ticking time bomb, but nonetheless, her feet moved onwards despite her worries. She was eager to use this golden opportunity to explore his whole body with her hands and nothing could stop her at this point.
  • "You're so cute." She complimented without thinking much about the grumpy person whom her words were directed at. Damon turned his head away at the sound of her voice, something that seemed to be a bored look forming on his face. He was already changed, yet Sarah understood his expressions so well. Wolves were indeed as impressive as she thought.
  • "I meant handsome." She laughed, speeding up her pace as her wariness faded along with each step. Damon blatantly ignored her rectification and looked down at her feet then back up at her repeatedly. In response, his eyes seemed to narrow into a glare, giving her a look that said CAUTION. Sarah knew exactly what he was insinuating: 'Come any closer and you'll be in deep trouble'.
  • But Sarah paid that no mind. Damon wouldn't hurt her. She was so sure of it now that even if his glare looked as deadly as a oncoming meteor, she'd stay put. She was already used to his bluffing by now.
  • When she stopped in front of him, her eyes were clouded over with sparkles. "Is it okay to touch you?" She whispered, yet she had no intention of even waiting for a response. By the time her full sentence left her lips, her palm was already sitting atop his head, patting and petting his fur in the most gentlest of ways.
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