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Chapter 44: Pretty little kitten

  • "Sarah!" Damon shouted at the top of his lungs, his feet stomping across the room and over to Sarah who was sitting on their bed, her nails stuffed into her mouth meanwhile a smile slowly blossomed on her lips. He had just came back from searching all the rooms on the premises and yet he still couldn't find what he had been searching for all this time...his favourite black shirt. It was always placed at the front of his closet where he could always see and find it, but for some odd reason, it was now nowhere to be seen.
  • And seeing as there's only one person living in this house besides himself, he was more than positive that she was the culprit.
  • "Where did you hide it?" Damon asked in annoyance, his hand reaching out and plucking her finger out of her mouth to grab her utmost attention. 
  • "You seriously think I'd hide your shirt? I really don't have it, I swear." She held her hands up in surrender as she denied his accusations, yet the guilty look on her face greatly contradicted her words.
  • Damon narrowed his scrutinizing eyes and folded his arms across his chest. He was getting highly irritated by the fact that she had gotten so accustomed to him that she even felt the need to lie to him and laugh about it. If it was in another situation, he'd probably think she looked a teeny weeny bit cute...but right now, this was a grave matter and as such, those lies she had going on there, needed to be put to a stop.
  • "Why are you laughing?" He continued to interrogate her with a bored yet annoyed expression. Though in truth he was struggling to keep up with his nonchalance. Her smile was becoming contagious that he felt the need to smile whenever she did.
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