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Chapter 42: Quest for answers 2

  • Damon's knuckles that had been littered with bruises due to the hard punches he had delivered, were now fully healed but blood still sticked to Damon like a second skin, almost completely changing the colour of his shirt to red. The funny thing was, none of that blood was his own...not even a single drop. Everything belonged to that giraffe-looking twat that laid his filthy hands on what wasn't his and even dared to challenge him for a fight that he knew he couldn't win.
  • Such brazenness had never met his eyes in years. He deserved all that he got and more, much more. How dare he?! If it weren't for the alliance that they had forged a few weeks ago, he would've broken every single bone in his body and ripped through all his flesh until all he could see was blood wholly covering him.
  • Damon was angry. The horrid thoughts he was having, the grim look on his face and the violent rising of his veins made that very clear. Even though he had stowed away for a few hours after his battle, he still couldn't relieve himself of the anger he had felt in that moment. Time couldn't change a thing because nothing could soothe him more than Kevin's face smashed to goo.
  • "It's good to see you safe and sound, but after what happened years ago, I'm sure you know how much of a threat Sarah can be to you. How could you just leave her there?" Jason's voice filled his ears, inciting his flaming hazel eyes to travel over to him as he rounded the corner.
  • "What did you say?" Damon clenched his jaw, rooting his feet into the ground as daggers left his eyes and targeted themselves directly at Jason's stoic figure. Jason was always the jolly type and the fact that he was serious at this point in time, made Damon's anger sky rocket. He had made it clear to, he made it care to everyone who knew of his past, that they should never speak of it again...yet the person he least expected this from, was doing exactly that. It seemed as if everyone was becoming brazen all of a sudden.
  • "There are hundreds of people out there; both werewolves and humans, who would kill for such an opportunity." Jason continued, stopping to look over at Damon when his feet was positioned inline with his. "Even a second is enough to get her killed...And if she ends up dying, you might not be as lucky as you were back then. You've already gotten a lot weaker as it is."
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