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Chapter 41: Quest For Answers

  • "Stop pacing. You're disturbing me." Sarah complained weakly as she gloomily twisted the spoon through her chocolate ice cream, her downcasted eyes watching Jason's feet pace along the floor back and forth.
  • He shifted his eyes to her and snatched the ice cream bowl from her hands with a scornful look on his face. "You're the one who's disturbing me. Why the hell are you playing with something as delicious as ice cream."
  • "It doesn't taste that good." She said simply, reclining in her seat lazily. She didn't feel like watching him pace every second and she didn't feel like listening to him talk either. Ice-cream was the least of her problems.
  • He took a spoonful of ice cream from the bowl and stuffed it into his mouth, a large smile forming on his face as he savoured in the taste. "It doesn't taste good." He mocked with his mouth still filled. "Then why didn't you take your precious Nutella instead?" After the few times Jason had visited the house, he was pretty sure that she was practically obsessed with Nutella so it was indeed quite the shock when she came back from the kitchen with ice cream instead. 
  • "I don't want it. And it's not mine anyway. Damon bought it, so he should eat it." Sarah glared at the floor in place of Damon when she spoke those bitter words. The thought of him made her somewhat angry, but she wasn't completely sure if her anger was justified. She kept on reminding herself that Damon would always be Damon....Sometimes ruthless and sometimes kind. Sometimes talkative and sometimes silent. Sometimes grumpy and sometimes laid-back.
  • With that being said, perhaps when he left her alone back there, he didn't actually think much of it. He probably didn't even stop to think that she might not have wanted him to run after some girl and that she might not have wanted him to leave her stranded. It wasn't logical to get angry at a clueless person and besides, she should be happy for the few times when he actually acts like a good mate.
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