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Chapter 40: Mine

  • Sarah was sitting on the floor with her knees drawn to her chest and her left cheek pressed against the solid glass. Everything around her was present in her sight, but her mind failed to take account of it. Just like that time when he had chased her out of the hall in front of all those people, she felt dejected and wronged. It was the first time he had taken her out into the world aside from then, so the moment was supposed to be somewhat sacred....But honestly, she wouldn't have made such a big deal out of this had he left her here for the whole day without returning, but the fact that he ran after some damsel in distress and left her behind, was a very valid thing to fuss over.
  • Which is why she had been searching nonstop for other things to murmur and mull about, things that justified both her jealousy and vexation.
  • Why would he run after her anyway? In Sarah's opinion, she wasn't just a friend judging by the look that took over his face when he saw her...a look that seemed like longing, relief and pain all in one. Damon had never shown so many emotions one after the other.
  • Sarah frowned, her fingers visibly trembling as her index agitatedly scratched at the tip of her thumb. If someone was to compare them both, she would probably be no match for that Katie the big question wasn't who she was, it was who she was to him.
  • Sarah pondered and pondered then soon, an answer swam into her head within a few minutes but she pushed it to the back of her mind as soon as it came and continued to stare out of space. It was too unbelievable...utterly unbelievable to think that Katie could possibly be his lover. It didn't look like it and Damon never ever gave her a reason to think so.
  • Sarah ousted that thought and used that crappy excuse to hold her composure together, but deep inside, she knew that she didn't reject the thought because it was unbelievable. It was the pain that came with it that made her wary of believing it. Her chest felt as if it was enveloped with hot lava, scourging her enough for her to wince.
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