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Chapter 35: Deal

  • Damon curled his fingers around the door handle and twisted, pushing his way inside. And the very moment he stepped in, he found Sarah behind the door as she waited for him with a plate in her hands. Her hair was flying in all directions, the spot around her mouth was filled with chicken crumbs and...she smelled of alcohol. Damon frowned. Where the hell did she get alcohol when she doesn't even know where it's kept?
  • ...Unless she got it from Trixie and Haguy. He raked a hand through his hair as anger ran through him like wildfire. He should've kicked them both out the moment the thought crossed his mind. If he had done that, then Sarah wouldn't have been in this state...a drunken state, the kind where she doesn't even know what in heaven's name she's doing.
  • "You're drunk." Damon deadpanned, looking at her sway from side to side as she smiled at him.
  • She shook her head. "I'm perfectly fine! Do I look drunk to you?" She gestured to herself with her hand while giving him a look that said 'you're obviously an idiot'. And her voice held that snappy tone that Damon deciphered as her being annoyed. Yet, he was pretty sure that in this situation, he was the one who should be annoyed...not that he wasn't. Who'd want to come home and see their mate drunk and barely able to stand or even think straight? Certainly not him.
  • "How much did you drink?" He questioned, stepping fully inside the house and closing the door.
  • "Two bottles...two whole bottles!" She shouted it as if it was a great achievement, but Damon thought otherwise. If he ever caught those two nuisances who caused this, they'd die the worse way possible. Women or not.
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