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Chapter 33: Definitely Jealous

  • Sarah shifted to get herself comfortable as she struggled to comb through Damon's hair. After he managed to force Jason out of the house, he had demanded that they finished what they had started. At first, she had been covered with red when she made the mistake of thinking that he was talking about intimate things. But then, he managed to burst her bubble by enlightening her of the fact that he was referring to his half finished hair. Of course, she wasn't supposed to feel disappointed because considering their half sour, half evolving relationship, she was in no position to covet anything that Damon could give her...and in this case what she shouldn't covet was... pleasure.
  • She had accepted his rather sloppy apology...if she could even call it that. But that didn't mean that they had suddenly become best buddies! Damon was still Damon...reserved and impassive, if you disregarded that one time when he happened to smile without even realizing it. So naturally, she was still wary around him and awkward at times. She wasn't really sure if she could embrace her feelings despite still being at a stagnant point in their relationship. Which is why, for a while, she strongly denied feeling disappointed by him forgetting their unfinished...well, business.
  • But looking at herself now in the mirror, she could tell that she wasn't all that unbothered by it. Her downturned lips and the reluctance evident in her slow movements as she combed his hair, was obviously as a result of her disappointment. But she would never let him know that...never.
  • "I'm almost f-finished." She said after a while. She combed through the last portion of his hair softly then settled the comb down on the mattress before dropping her butt against the heel of her feet, causing the bed to jerk slightly. Damon didn't even bother to check how his hair looked, he got up, turned his chair towards her then plopped back down. The action made her notice that his eyes were filled with resentment that she knew not where it stemmed from.
  • "Why aren't you asking me?"
  • Sarah cringed. "Asking y-you what?"
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