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Chapter 32: Unwanted visitor

  • "You and Liam got dirty when you weren't in heat." He reminded as his fingers finally brushed her soft cheeks, eliciting tingles along their skin. " I want you to kiss you're in complete control of your actions."
  • Sarah wasn't sure about it all, both her feelings and this whole situation...maybe it was the breathtaking look in his eyes or maybe she was just deeply bewitched by his lips that became more appealing the closer he got....but she knew that there was something there, something like a magnetic pull that made her draw closer instead of pulling away from him, something that made her mouth water instead of turning down in disgust, something that made her anticipate the collision of their lips as well as whatever came afterwards.
  • In that moment all thoughts had evaporated, and every fibre of her being was screaming 'kiss him'. A poor human like her could only do little to resist and within seconds, she had allowed their lips to connect, boosting the sparks that dissipated along her skin.
  • Damon took her bottom lip into his mouth softly then clammed his teeth unto it meanwhile they looked straight at each other, eyes filled with pure arousal. "From here on out, I'll do whatever I want with you...and you're not allowed to stop me." He mumbled against her lips, as his hand that was caressing her cheeks roamed lower until his fingers were grazing her prominent mark. Pleasure surged through Sarah's being at the touch and she quickly, crooked her neck, giving him more access to the sensitive skin.
  • Damon took that as his go ahead to position his lips back on hers, his tongue slowly slipping its way into her mouth. Her taste was marvellous...magnificent, something one could not imagine. And just the taste of her lips and the soft moan that left her as his tongue plunged into her mouth, had him jerking to life beneath his jeans. Sarah hands finally escaped its immobility and climbed around his neck then tangled in his soft black hair, while Damon's went around her waist, pulling her as closer to him as he possibly could.
  • She pulled back when she was in desperate need of air, making him relocate his lips to her soft cheeks. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and flicked over her soft skin then trailed down to her neck, leaving a long, glistening line of saliva. She shivered at the action, her head falling back as a series of moans sprewed from her lips.
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