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Chapter 29: WHO's In control

  • It was around 11am in the morning and Sarah and Liam had been cooped up in the room all morning. No, they weren't shagging each other over and over. Frankly, they already had enough of that yesterday...though Sarah was the only one who thought so. Right now, she was standing between Liam's legs trying to get to know a little bit about him as she did her best to comb out all the knots in his messy hair.
  • So far, she found out 5 things:
  • 1. He liked to eat raw meat. It was very disturbing to hear something like that after having shoved her tongue down his throat, but Sarah swallowed her vomit nonetheless as she didn't want to have Liam feel bad about himself. He's a wolf and she's a human, so there was bound to be differences...disgusting differences. But she could handle long as she doesn't think too hard on it.
  • 2. He hates humans...obviously that excludes her. He probably didn't have a good history with them, judging by the way he was frowning when he told her.
  • 3. He liked when she played with his hair. At the moment, he was smiling from ear to ear with his eyes closed, seeming to be basking in the pleasure of having her combing his hair. He didn't even flinch whenever she tugged at a few strands, he just kept that relaxed look on his face as if he felt nothing at all.
  • 4. In her opinion, he wasn't the same as Damon... Rather than spitting on their mate bond, he seemed to treasure it...even more so than she ever did. Since yesterday, he had been complementing her and telling her how glad he was to have her as a mate. Obviously, the experience was kinda terrifying at first since she had never received such complements before, but  she was slowly but surely getting used to it.
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