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Chapter 25: Time to mate

  • Warning: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD! You may skip over this chapter if this doesn't suite you!
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  • With their soft lips rubbing, dancing and pushing against one another, it was quite clear that the yearning was at it highest on both ends. They shared undeniable attraction towards one another, something similar to a strong magnetic pull...the only difference was that nothing could break them apart right now, not even the need to breathe.
  • As they each drew closer towards one another bit by bit, heat clashed between their bodies, creating that same friction that always made their skin tingle and their rationality go absent. Both of them were so engrossed in their kiss that even if there was a boulder hurling towards them, neither would be able to take notice of it.
  • But it was to be expected. A touch of the had been waited upon since they had just met...of course the urge was more severe on Damon's side, but nonetheless, he had pulled through without touching her...up until this moment. The desire was too great now...the temptation was too much.
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