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Chapter 22: A Game Of Resistance

  • "Hello, little mate."
  • Damon was smiling. Damon was literally SMILING from ear to ear! Sarah's lips parted to let out an astonished gasp, her wide eyes unable to control studying every twist and curve of his features. His cheeks drew upwards and his full lips thinned the further they stretched across his face, forming two dimples that she knew absolutely nothing about. His eyes were no longer hazel, but golden and as she stared into them, she could decipher three emotions dwelling there...excitement, intrigue and something else that seemed pretty close to desire. Despite how much she was entrapped by his abysses, she managed to break eye contact and draw her gaze downward. The two odd things she noticed were that his fingers kept twitching and he was bouncing on his toes...not in a creepy way though, more like he was overflowing with excitement....And he almost seemed as if he could hardly keep himself from pouncing at her.
  • But why would he pounce at her? Could it be that he's finally decided that it's time to get rid of her? Sarah shook her head in disagreement with her thoughts. No one could decide to kill someone in the small length of time it took him to close the door and reopen it. But Damon was the one in question. His mood could change in merely a second! She could attest to that.
  • Sarah drifted from her thoughts and her whole body went into an emotional catastrophe when Damon started to advance towards her. His full blown smile degraded to a smirk and his feet moved slowly, one heavy step at a time. A cold feeling descended over Sarah's whole body as she felt his predator-like aura dissipate in the ambience surrounding her. Suddenly, the air seemed like it was slowly filtering out of the room and her sweaty palms rubbed themselves against her clothed thighs as nervousness took its residence.
  • "W-what are y-"
  • Damon cut her off in an instant. "I've been dying to meet you, Sarah. It's a pity that Damon didn't mention that I existed." He chuckled at his words as he continued to approach, his intense eyes transfixed on Sarah. "I bet he would have tried harder to keep me at bay if he knew what I have in store for us tonight...hmmm?"
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