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Chapter 21: Fuel To The Fire

  • 'What is this? A trick of the fullmoon? Or a once in a fullmoon occurrence?'
  • Sarah's stomach did little flips and her soft cheeks flooded over with red. It was an odd feeling, a feeling of both arousal and embarrassment. She was always naturally nervous and scared all the time, but she wasn't one to blush so furiously nor get aroused over something as trivial as physical contact. The sensations that were corrupting her body, mind and soul, were fairly new to her...another addition to the list of strange things that derived from meeting Damon.
  • Yet...she couldn't deny that it was exhilarating and exciting.
  • Back when Mr knack forced himself unto her, the only emotions she felt were disgust and hatred. The both of them made her feel totally different things, but there wasn't much difference between them...behaviour and personality wise. They were both Devils among humans and werewolves. They didn't care about someone as trivial as her. And the only thing they wanted, was to bring misery into her life. So it wasn't that they were different from each other, it was just that the mate bond was making her feel the way she did.
  • While being stuck in their thoughts, both Sarah and Damon had been staring at each other for nearly a whole minute. They were equally affected, but Damon was the first to snap out of the Fullmoon's trap. Truthfully, he desired her greatly, far greater than he thought he would. But with years of experience with holding back his emotions, he managed to keep his desires at bay...especially after knowing of her betrayal. But now that they were stuck underneath the fullmoon, his restraints were weakening and soon, he'd be devoured by his desires.
  • He needed to get out of this place...asap. And he also needed to lock Sarah as far away as possible, somewhere he wouldn't be able to touch her. If they stayed here in this same position any longer, he didn't know what he'd do. He was barely able to hold himself back as it was. They needed to be apart from each other, at least until the fullmoon passed. Otherwise he'd lose himself very soon...or in other words, he'd mark her and bound himself to her forever without being able to reject her as his mate.
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