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Chapter 17

  • Brody's POV
  • It had been so hectic for me. With my work going on smoothly, I knew my mom would definitely meet Karen. I knew it would be a BUMMER!
  • I quickly closed my drawer as soon as Alex walked into my office and dropped a file on my table. "That's the report, we've become the best soap-producing factory and I'm sure your dad would be proud of you."
  • I countered with a frown. "I don't care."
  • His smile was feeling a little frozen. “How about Karen? I'm sorry, but I might not come for the party tonight.” He explained gently.
  • I nodded swiftly. “Karen already knows about the party, and she already knows that my family would be coming. She's not used to parties and fun, I was not sure if she would cooperate and pretend to be my girlfriend." He replied.
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