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Chapter 17

  • Dom bolted up in the dark when the glass door opened quickly. He grabbed his side and winced at the person in the door. “Barry?”
  • Barry held his finger over his lips. “You’ve been paroled, let’s go!”
  • Not taking the time to ask stupid questions, Dom got off the bed and reached under the mattress. He pulled out the blade Jennah had given him and nodded to the man in the doorway. Dom stepped out the door and then froze when another guard was standing there. One he didn’t recognize.
  • Barry leaned close in behind him. “It’s okay. Pete is as sick of the shit in here as I am.”
  • Dom nodded and then started to follow the guard. Barry moved alongside him and reached out to put a cuff on one hand. “Hold the other one to look like it’s closed.” He checked over his shoulder. “If anything happens, you grab my swipe card and get your ass locked back in that room.”
  • Dom nodded as he placed the cuff around his other wrist and held his hand over it. “What’s the plan?”
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