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Chapter 7

  • “Palmer!”
  • Dom jerked his head up. “What?” He squeezed his eyes shut and then opened them and looked at Slick.
  • “Don’t just fizz out on me like that. Trouble is coming and we’re about to be stuck right smack in the middle!”
  • Dom straightened up and peered behind Slick’s shoulder. Sure enough, there was the remaining number of Cherry’s dirt bags, and they were headed straight for him. He rubbed his hands together to warm them as he glanced around as nonchalantly to see where the battered followers of Rod’s crew were. Shit! They were directly across the yard and watching every friggin’ move. “Any thoughts of what the deal is?” He asked quietly as he got down off the bench.
  • Slick turned so his back wasn’t facing the rest of the yard. “Not for sure, but they’re definitely coming to us.”
  • “Great, get pounded by Cherry’s crew or Rod’s—what a choice.” He watched his breath in the cold air.
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