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Chapter 5

  • Jennah silently prayed all the way to work that today would be less chaotic than the day before. Her prayers were not answered. She had only taken three steps into the office when she was hailed by Rudy waving his hand at her.
  • Sighing, she walked over to the older, round man and offered him what she hoped looked close to a smile. “I didn’t even get my coat off, Rudy.”
  • He bobbed his grey-haired head. “I know Jenn, but at least you have your pants on today.” He smirked, but the expression seemed closer to sympathy than humor. “I have four more to process after I’m done with that one.” He jerked his head toward the Santa sitting at his desk.
  • “I’ll take them.” She glanced around the office. There were only five working here full time, but no one could be seen. “I guess they didn’t approve our request for a few extra hands through this season.”
  • He shook his head and held out folders. “They don’t think we’re close enough to the main tourist area to warrant it.”
  • She took the folders and tucked them under her arm. “Maybe not close, but we’re the only road on the way to the big resorts, and ski season combined with Christmas...” She pulled her gloves off. “I’m going to call again and try to still some common sense with them at the County office.”
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