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Chapter 12

  • Sitting down, she set the folder on her legs and took a few deep breaths. She pictured unlocking the door and opening it. “Dom?” She sat there, gripping the bench, and waited. “Dominic?” Nothing but silence answered her.
  • Opening her eyes, and she flipped open the folder again to look at his picture. His hair was longer than she had seen it, but it was definitely him. His eyes were dark and cold, but they’d have to be if he was playing the part. She read his stats a few times, trying to commit them to memory.
  • Turning the pages, she read the reports that followed. She frowned. If she was reading it right, this went back many years. What was someone as young as Dominic doing in on it? She kept reading, and then stopped suddenly and re-read the one paragraph. Suspected in the killing of Officer Palmer... Dom’s father? That would explain why he was neck deep in it.
  • Closing the folder, she got up and went over to the phone. Punching in the number, she hung up and started over again. She blocked the caller ID and then punched in the number.
  • ~
  • Dom opened his eyes and tried to focus and look around. Where the hell was he? He turned his head and the whole room moved in unison.
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