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Chapter 13

  • Jennah looked in the mirror for the tenth time. She’d chosen something she wouldn’t be ashamed of wearing when she met Dominic, but it was still revealing enough to distract any guards from thinking she was there for anything other than a conjugal visit with her husband.
  • The black skirt was short, but not too tight. She wasn’t that out of character that she would wear something that would show off her little paunch, as she lovingly referred to the extra part of herself that had seemed to start growing around her middle in the last year. She turned sideways and studied her profile, or mostly her stomach. It didn’t appear to be the huge bulge her mind always told her was there even though she knew it wasn’t—mostly.
  • Turning again, she bit her lip and wondered about the red blouse she was wearing. Maybe it was showing a little too much cleavage. She had more than enough of that to spare. Running her hand under her arm, she felt for the small blade she’d hidden in the elastic of her bra. She could feel it, but then again, she knew it was there. She frowned at the mirror and readjusted the neckline so just a little more was revealed, hoping it would distract from even worrying about whether she was hiding a three-inch switch blade in her bra. She knew they were illegal, and she felt just a bit guilty for that, but if Dom needed something for backup, she really couldn’t bring him a gun, now could she?
  • She leaned closer to the mirror. Even with her hair down, she could see the grey hair hiding here and there. She’d thought of coloring it, but then she’d feel too vain, and that wasn’t like her. Besides, if anyone knew her ex-husband, they’d know she’d earned each and everyone one.
  • Taking a deep breath to settle her nerves, she nodded to her reflection and turned to get her purse. Inside her tiny black purse was the new ID Captain Wilds had gotten her. She’d rented a car, trying out her new ID. She knew what she was doing, and even with the jittery nerves, she would go through with it. The nerves, if she was being honest, had nothing to do with the danger and everything to do with seeing Dominic Palmer in the flesh.
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