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Chapter 15

  • She needed no further encouragement and began to slam her body down onto him. Each time their bodies connected, he groaned. His hands held her hips tightly as he picked up the pace and pulled her down onto him. She moaned when he thrust up into her at the same time. Leaning back, she balanced her hands on her heels and dropped her head back so she could move faster. His hand moved to her breasts and kneaded them as she bounced down onto him.
  • She cried out and lost the rhythm as she started to come again. He held onto her hips and forced her to keep moving through it. Moaning, she dropped forward again and tried to catch her breath. He pulled her hair so her face was level with his and kissed her frantically.
  • She wasn’t even sure how he moved without separating them, but she found herself on her back with him still buried deep inside her.
  • “Not done with you yet, babe.” He sucked at her throat. “Won’t ever get enough of you.” He pushed up on his hands and looked down into her face as he moved roughly into her again. She was so sensitive she wasn’t sure if she could do this.
  • He pounded into her, and then lifted her one leg so he could move deeper with the next stroke. When their bodies connected, she moaned as the heat shot through her again, her eyes capturing his. Sweat glistened off his muscled body, and he was the sexiest man she’d ever seen at that moment. His dark eyes never left hers as he thrust in and out of her with incredible force.
  • A wave hit her and she cried out the next time his body slapped against hers. Her muscles clenched tighter around him and she came again at the same time he did. She was so sensitive she could feel the hot liquid shooting into her. She had never felt this consumed by a man before, and as her entire body floated around the room, she smiled up at him just as he collapsed half on top of her.
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