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Chapter 14

  • Dominic took slow steps toward her, his eyes roving all over her as he did. When he stood right in front of her, his gaze moved to hers. She felt his hands touch her hips, but she couldn’t look away from his eyes. He lowered his head toward her and buried his face in her neck as he pulled her gently into him.
  • “What are you doing here?” he whispered beside her ear.
  • She smiled when the voice she’d missed hearing vibrated right through her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she nuzzled beside his ear. “Your captain sent me. Your contact has disappeared.” She paused as his breath brushed up against her neck. “They’ve been trying to find a way to get to you,” she whispered as quietly as she could.
  • He lifted his head and the look in his eyes as they swept over her face made her knees weaken. He smiled and gently brushed his lips over hers. “So they sent you?”
  • She smiled against his mouth. “Are you sorry they did?”
  • He straightened again and shook his head. He walked her slowly backwards toward the wall and didn’t stop until her back was against it. He lowered his head toward her again and ran his hand down the length of her hair. He placed his mouth against her ear. “It’s the warden. He’s running it all, inside and out.” His lips brushed against the delicate skin right beneath her ear. “They have to get me out—now!” He leaned back and lifted his shirt up.
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