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Chapter 7

  • Louisa stood before her almost totally broken mirror fidgeting as she  applied light makeup on her face and packed her hair into her usual ponytail style.
  • She rushed down to the restroom to use her mint flavoured mouth spray,palmed her hair again and dashed out.
  • It was already 1.40 pm, she checked the time paced to and fro nervously. She stood before her mirror,cleared her throat and did a little rehearsal.
  • " Hmm hmm hmm, good day Declan, sounds too simple. Hey Declan, how are you" she said going on and on until she heard the door bell.
  • She quickly ambulated to Danna's room to bid her goodbye and soon was out, she took a deep breath, wore her almost real smile before she finally opened the door.
  • "Hey ma'am you look great" Declan said.
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